Maintenance Task Procedures

Index / Outline / Work Breakdown Structure
1. Engine
1.1 Racor filter replacement
1.2 Yanmar engine fuel filter replacement
1.3 Yanmar water pump impeller replacement
1.4 Yanmar heat exchanger service
2. Running Equipment
3. Electrical
3.1 Running light bulb replacement
4. Electronics
5. Deck Equipment
6. Hull
7. Rigging
8. Potable Water System
9. Heads & Waste System
10. HVAC
11. Interior

1. Racor Filter Replacement
2. Yanmar Engine Fuel Filter Replacement
3. Yanmar water pump impeller replacement

1.1 Task: Racor fuel filter replacement
• Paper towels
• Needle-nose pliers
• Ziploc gal bag
• 12-16 oz plastic water bottle
• Racor drain hose
• Replacement 2010 filter, small and large o-rings
• Fantastic
1. Isolate Racor with fuel manifold valves
2. Attach plastic hose to Racor filter drain plug
3. Drain sediment / water and about 4 oz of fuel
4. Remove filter cover retaining screw
5. Remove cover
6. Use pliers to grab tabs on filter and remove
7. Drain filter and seal in plastic bag
8. Check that spacer is in place in the bottom of the filter bowl
9. Insert new filter cartridge
10. Use pliers to remove o-ring on retaining screw
11. Insert new o-ring and wet with fuel
12. Use pliers to remove o-ring on cover
13. Insert new o-ring and wet with fuel
14. Use fuel in plastic bottle to top off filter bowl
15. Replace cover
16. Replace retainer screw and tighten
17. Clean all surfaces with Fantastic

1.2 Task: Yanmar engine fuel filter replacement
• Paper towels
• Ziploc bag
• 12-16 oz plastic water bottle
• Filter channel-lock pliers
• Fantastic
1. Isolate engine with fuel manifold valves
2. Disconnect filter water sensor wires by pushing in tabs on engine side of
3. Use filter channel-lock pliers to loosen filter4. Place Ziploc bag around filter
5. Unscrew filter taking care not to spill fuel
6. Remove o-ring
7. Drain fuel from filter into plastic bottle
8. Unscrew sensor element
9. Put o-ring on new filter and wet with fuel
10. Screw sensor element into new filter
11. Screw on new filter
12. Tighten with filter channel-lock pliers
13. Clean all surfaces with Fantastic

1.3 Task: Yanmar water pump impeller replacement
• New impeller and cover plate O-ring
• Electric screw driver with flexible extension
• Impeller extractor pliers
• Plastic wire tie, 8”
• Plastic wire ties, short
• Mirror
• Worklight and flashlight.
• Q-tips
• KY lubrication liquid
• Petroleum jelly
• Fantastic
• Paper towels
1. Close engine raw water intake through hull valve.
2. Take off lower step for access to front of engine and open companionway steps for access to top of engine.
3. Empty lower cabinet to Stbd of frig.
4. Remove 3 panel screws and take out panel through narrow slot in front
side. Take care as the panel will be dirty with fan belt residue.
5. Note: the hoses on the pump block vision from the top and side. A mirror
can help. But it is a pain!
6. Loosen 2 knurled screws on engine (Stbd) side of water pump Speedseal cover plate.
7. Remove 2 knurled screws on cabinet (Port) side of water pump cover plate.
8. Slide the cover plate off.
9. Inspect the existing impeller. Note: direction of rotation of the impeller is clockwise looking at the water pump (from stern toward bow). The blades of the impeller are bent in the opposite, counter clockwise direction – to left on upper section.
10. Set the width of the impeller extraction pliers to fit over the hub of the impeller (use the new impeller for template).
11. Use pliers to extract the impeller. Grab and wiggle and pull. Use mirror and light to be able to see. Note: it might be better to work pliers from front of the engine which allows one hand over top of alternator and one over the bottom. This is a pain!
12. Put an 8” wire tie around the new impeller. Bend blades to point counter clockwise as you look at the outer, cover plate side of the impeller. Locate wire tie at outer 1/3, cover plate side, of the impeller. Tighten the wire tie and compress vanes as much as possible.
13. To aid in removing the tie itself once the impeller is inserted, put 2 small plastic wire ties around the larger wire tie, 180º apart. Orient these so they point to the cover plate.
14. Lubricate the pump interior surface, drive sprocket, and outer surface of the new impeller with a water-soluble lubricant (KY liquid or jelly).
15. Insert impeller into pump; twist in rotation, clockwise, direction and push gently until you feel the drive sprocket splines engage the impeller. Then push hard. Note: the wire tie will interfere with the pump compression plate; that is why it needs to be on the outer 1/3 of the impeller. The most difficult place is at ~ 10 o-clock where the blades are compressed to drive water out of the pump. Note: it might be easier to use 2 hands from the front. Note: the top of the engine might also provide access to do this.
16. When impeller is fully inserted, pull off the wire tie using the 2 smaller ties while holding the impeller in place. Note: another place where 2 hands are needed.
17. Check rubber gasket seal for cover plate and replace if there is any need. Note: the recommendation is to change each time but getting the new ring in place is a pain!
18. To remove the rubber gasket, use a SS lab spatula or a thin SS metal strip to pry it out of its groove. Take care not to scratch the metal of the groove.19. The groove can be cleaned by running the tip of a Q-tip around it.
20. Lubricate the new O ring with a thin coating of petroleum jelly.
21. Put the O-ring in the groove by pressing it in. It will need to be stretched slightly to go into the groove and stay there. It needs to be held in place and pressed in. This requires at least 4 fingers and two hands. Again the front of the engine allows access.
22. Put cover plate on and tighten 2 screws gently to hold it in place. Then insert the 2 remaining screws. Gently tighten screws in stages alternating sides of the pump so that the cover plate is evenly in place; to hard finger-tight.
23. Remove water from under engine.
24. Use Fantastic to clean surfaces.
25. Replace access panel and stairs.
26. Open through hull valve.
27. Run the engine to hear the delightful sound of water in the exhaust.
28. Take 3 ibuprofen; make a large rum and tonic; declare cocktail hour; and finish up with a hot shower.

3.1 Task: Bow running light bulb replacement

  • Bulb: Dr. LED; 12V; 0.09A; Series 40; for Aqua Signal Series 40 lights; West 8001047
  • Dielectric grease
  • Black electrical tape
  • Procedure:
1. Remove lens by taking off black electrical tape seal; push button at bottom of lens.
2. Push in and twist bulb clockwise looking from top at bottom of bulb.
3. Stbd running light: when inserting the bulb, the tit closest to the base should be oriented at 0400 when looking down at the base.
4. Insert and twist CCW when looking down at base.
5. Coat bulb base & contacts with dielectric grease.
6. Put strip of black electrical tape around the base of the lens to provide a water seal and secure it to the base.